Meet the In-Tech TEAM

Get to know our athletes & strength coaches

Here at In-Tech, we’re more than just a high performance group known for training some of the world’s top elite ice hockey, football and soccer athletes. 
Our team of strength coaches are also passionate about bringing out the athlete in kids, parents,
and everyday individuals who want to stay healthy, fit, and active in life.

Keep reading to learn more about our family of In-Tech team members.



Derrell Levy

Founder, Mentor, CSCS & Hockey Specialist

Derrell Levy’s compassion and ability to mentor in both the gym and life has allowed In-Tech to grow into much more than simply a training facility. He has created a culture that gives elite athletes, youth, and adult fitness enthusiasts alike, the support, resources, and inspiration to reach their true potential.



Mike Chujor

Strength Coach

Dimkpa Chujor is passionate about bringing out the best version out of every athlete willing to take their game to the next level. Dimkpa Chujor coaching passion began at a young age from his love for playing sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket and track. With a Bachelor of science in kinesiology (Hons), Dimkpa chujor focuses on developing core foundations while training athletes of different background to get them to an optimal level of performance. Dimkpa Chujor can help develop the skills & techniques needed to succeed, whether your goal is to become the best in the world, or simply to become a better version of yourself.



Michael Morgan

Athletes, Combine Testing & BSc in Kinesiology

Current varsity hockey player at the university of waterloo pursuing a BSc in kinesiology. Specialize in movement quality for optimal health, injury prevention and quality of life. An interest in development and lifelong growth has resulted in my/his responsibility in testing and tracking progress of Intech athletes.



Natural Nora

CNP, Live Blood Microscopist, Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Nora is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Live Blood Cell Microscopist, Yoga & Joga Coach and Personal Trainer who is inspired by the growth and development of others. She is passionate about educating and empowering individuals with the knowledge, tools and skills to achieve their health goals. With education in holistic nutrition, yoga and Ayurveda, a background in psychology and human resources, and a deep love for physical movement and breath work, Nora helps provide her clients with an authentic holistic approach to health and healing.


Dr. Chad Carter, DC

Sports Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic, ART & Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Performance care is an important aspect of maintaining an athlete's heath and prolonging one' career. By working with In-Tech I have the perfect environment necessary to have a positive influence on an athlete's day-to-day and future aspirations. My motivation for pushing my clients to be their best is simple, when they succeed I succeed! There is no greater satisfaction than helping my clients reach their ultimate goals. Preventing injuries and helping my clients achieve a heathy lifestyle is my motivation. 


Jessica Silveira

Photographer & Social Media Manager

Before joining the Intech Team, Jessica was an elite forward with the Brampton Junior Thunder Team prior to receiving a scholarship to play at SUNY Potsdam University for 4 years. With a passion for hockey, nutrition and helping others. Jessica joined to help build up the program by documenting the journey of In-Tech on and off the ice. 

With her BFA in Photography, Graphic Design & Marketing, Jessica also continues to help grow and promote the healthy lifestyle though a balanced life at the elite level as well as Head Coaches for YMHC Bantam A. Her top skills utilize photo and video analysis which is shared with players to enhance learning, correction and development of a player’s body mechanics and skating techniques.

Instagram: @intechhpt | @seeyaboys



Carlos Amestoy

Hockey Skills & Strength Coach

Carlos specializes in game situational instruction. Along with teaching proper technique in skating, shooting, and puck handling, Carlos’ instruction to improve hockey IQ is what makes him valuable to our team here at In-Tech. Not only do we focus on our athletes’ individual skill sets, but we make it a point of emphasis to improve their knowledge of the game and how to apply their skills in different scenarios on the ice.


Matt Stein

Hockey Skills, Strength Coach & Combine Testing

Growing up as a smaller hockey player, I knew I needed an edge to compete. Through discipline and development of my body, I was able to take my game to a higher level. This helped me in my career and let me play the game uninhibited. Here at In-Tech we aren't just teaching training techniques, but a culture that breeds successes on many levels. My motivation is to show my clients that they are capable to achieve more than they believe and that their strength really comes from within.