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Our team is the most comprehensive group of instructors you will find.

We’re pro hockey players, hockey coaches, personal trainers, conditioning specialists, and physical therapists. Together, we make up the In-Tech family. And we’re eager to share the most innovative, researched methods for hockey performance training, injury prevention, and skill development. If you’re tired of training with outdated techniques that don’t translate to the ice, our team will help you find what holds you back from reaching your potential.

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve done it before, and have successfully transformed numerous developing and elite athletes into pros who have gone on to play in the following teams, leagues and associations – some even in the NHL!



Ottawa Senators organization

“I’ve been working with Derrell since I signed my first pro contract six years ago. It has been the best situation for me to work on what I need specifically to continue succeeding while staying healthy each and every season.

Since working with Derrell, my longstanding shoulder problems have virtually disappeared, which is a result of his knowledge and tireless work.

Derrell creates a fun and hardworking environment, and I owe a lot of my success to him.”



Drafted by Montreal Canadiens

“having worked with LEVs and the In-Tech staff over the last three years has helped me to excel as an athlete both on and off the ice. The strength, speed and flexibility Levs has helped me gain has in turn made me a better athlete. I will continue to work with Levs so that I can gain the edge needed to surpass others players to make it to the next level.

Derrell, along with his In-Tech staff, show a passion and attention to detail that is second to none. This makes training at In-Tech and ideal environment for everyone working there to succeed because you are surrounded by others who have similar goals in mind.

Train Hard. Train Smart. Train Intech.”



Drafted by Detroit Red Wings

“I met Levs two years before the OHL Draft, when I was 14 years old. I was young and not lifting weights, just running sprits in the offseason. My older brother had been training at In-Tech for years. 

Levs taught me how to lift properly and helped me gain muscle. The on-ice training allowed me to take my game to the next level. When preparing for the combine, they made sure I was familiar with the entire process and with each exercise, and I made the top 10 five times. The training has made me stronger, faster, a better skater and being around all the pro guys, showed me how hard I have to work to get to that level.

I have the Detroit Red Wings camp coming up - I feel good. I feel Strong. I’m excited.”


Anthony Trujillo.jpg


Curry College

“I WAS TOLD BY MY LONG TIME COACH THAT IN-TECH WAS the place TO BE FOR offseason training. The environment of being with other players working towards a common goal is the biggest difference… each of us pushing each other to be better… and setting examples for each other to become the best we can be.”



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